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Children's Program

Looking for a karate, kungfu, judo, taekwondo or other martial arts program that's great for kids? Look no further our taekwondo program under Grand Master Young-Hak Lee is the right choice! We offer a great way for your children to build their confidence, sense of respect, discipline, coordination, strength, flexibility, self esteem, patience, and effort. Our instructors will not just teach your kids to be safe by showing them the right way to punch, kick, and defend themselves, but they will also help develop your child's character. During this time, they will learn to channel their energy into a positive attitude in a fun, active environment utilizing taekwondo. We are building future successful leaders one black belt at a time!

Little Tigers

USMAC is now enrolling students into the Little Tigers program. This exciting and fun pre-school age program is designed for children ages 3-4. Classes introduce our younger students to the fundamentals of taekwondo, focus training, coordination and character development through fun exercises, activities and games! Please contact us for more information.

Family Program

At the USMAC, we encourage parents and their children to participate in class together. In today's hectic world, there is little time for parents and their kids to spend time together. We know it is important for the kids to have their parents take part in their young life; therefore, we have developed classes specifically for kids and parents to workout together. We move beyond just teaching punches and kicks our family classes offer a unique and fun experience. Whether your family lives in Lacey, Olympia, Tumwater or the surroudning areas we have a school and taekwondo class just right for your family!

Adult Program

Lose weight, gain flexibility and agility, build strength, learn self defense, and meet new people. These are just a few of the benefits you will gain from our adult program. Our taekwondo and hapkido program is a perfect way to expereince aerobic exercise with key self-defense skills. Why workout alone in a gym when you can take a class with a group of friends and encourage each other to achieve a greater goal? Taekwondo is an active and satisfying martial art; you won’t see any out of shape taekwondo masters.

Black Belt Club & Master Club

Have you ever thought of yourself as a leader? Have you ever been someone who others look up to as a role model? Do people ask you for advice? As a member of the Black Belt or Master Club, we can help you achieve any or all of these goals. The Master Club is for those students who wish to reach the black belt level and beyond. This program is our highest and most demanding class, and membership is by Grandmaster Lee's invitation only. We train in advance real world self defense skills, weapon self-defense, advance level leadership roles and special Master's Club Workshops year around.

Team USMAC (Tournament Team)

If your goal is to make lots of friends, travel to different cities, learn new techniques, look for a competitive edge, and have lots of fun doing it; then TEAM USMAC, our tournament team is the right place for you. We have a knowledgeable and successful coaching staff that has the development and success of our students in mind. Our tournament team competes in both local and national events in the Olympic style of taekwondo.

USMAC Spartan Demonstration Team

Our demonstration team is where students can share their appreciation of taekwondo with others. You will learn to develop teamwork and work ethics in the dojang, which you can use in your everyday life. You will learn special skills in the demo team including high-jump action kicks and specialized taekwondo routines. As a part of our demo team, you will have the opportunity to show your skills in performances at Lakefair, Lacey Spring Fun Fair, local schools and events. In addition you will represent the USMAC in poomse, pairs, team forms and board breaking competition at tournaments.

Private Classes

Need extra help with your poomse or kicks? Missed classes? Or just don't have time to come into class? We offer private lessons to students who want extra one-on-one training with Grandmaster Lee or Master Lee.

We also provide other special classes and seminars (including weapons, women self-defense, aerobic kickboxing, etc.) throughout the year.

Contact us for more details on class schedules:

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